Ladder Golf® Soft Bolas

  • Set of 3 Soft Bolas made with soft flexible plastic balls.
  • Exact same rope length and ball weight as our official golf ball bolas.
  • New for 2019 - More vibrant colors and black rope. 
  • The more colors you have the more people can play.
  • Comes in Light Blue, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, White or Yellow

These Ladder Golf soft bolas are made from a slightly larger flexible plastic ball instead of a hard golf ball like the Ladder Golf brand hard bolas. They are the exact same length and weight as the official Ladder Golf bolas. These bolas are great for indoor play and for kids, so stock up on a few soft plastic Ladder Ball bolas.

Comes With:

  • 1 Set of three (3) soft plastic bolas

These soft Ladder Ball bolas are made from flexible plastic that makes them perfect for indoor play.

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